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The Giving Block/NeonCRM Integration will allow you to seamlessly sync cryptocurrency donation information with your Neon CRM, meaning you will no longer have to wait for reports from The Giving Block

We will do our best to provide simple, step by step instructions in this guide. If you need more information on how NeonCRM works, please check the following:

How to Setup the Integration

You will need to go through the following process to setup the integration:

  1. Setup a new user account within NeonCRM that would be used for the integration i.e. "TGB" or "The Giving Block"

  2. Generate API token for that user.

  3. Find your Organization ID

  4. Enter your Organization’s API Key and organization ID and a token for that user into the NeonCRM page on The Giving Block .

Creating a new user account on NeonCRM

Create a new user using the instructions provided by NeonCRM here.

  • We recommend that you create a user named "The Giving Block", this will make it easy to identify

  • The user must have "User" level of permissions

Generating an API token in NeonCRM

API Keys are based on NeonCRM system user accounts. We recommend creating a new user account for each integration you enable. This makes it easier to disable a single integration at a later time. If you disable a user account with API access, all applications that depend on the account's API key will stop working.

  • Log in to your NeonCRM system. Navigate to: Settings cog > User Management.

  • Click New User. You can name this user anything you like, but we recommend naming the user something that distinguishes its use, such as API User.

  • Enable the API access for this user account. Click the toggle to enable. This will display your API Key. Copy this key.

  • Click Create User to complete the process of creating this user.

  • Your user will now appear in the User Management list. Remember, disabling this system user will terminate NeonCRM API access.

Finding your organizations "organization id"

Add Neon CRM API Key and Organization ID to TGB Dashboard

  1. Your client Success Manager will go to The Giving Block Dashboard

  2. Your client Success Manager will enter your Organization’s API Key in the field “neonAPIKey”**

  3. Your client Success Manager will enter your “Organization ID” in the field “neonOrgID”**

  4. Your client Success Manager will Click “Save Changes”

(Clicking the “click here” link will bring you to these instructions)

How to Use the Integration

Once you've successfully implemented The Giving Block/NeonCRM integration, things should "just work". You can watch Tim from Neon CRM giving a demo of the integration here:

A donor will donate cryptocurrency through The Giving Block's widget, this will create a new donor in NeonCRM using the donors 'Firstname', 'Lastname' and 'Email'. If the address is able to validate these will be added to the donor information.

Example Non Anonymous Donation:

Example Anonymous Donation:

A Donor Account will be created with the following data:

A Donation Record will be created with the following data:

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Anonymous: (Yes/No)

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Amount: Shows the $USD amount of the cryptocurrency donation after it is converted to cash (Less TGB fees)

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Donor Name (Will display as "Anonymous Donor" if Anonymous = Yes)

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Date

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Tender: Will always show as "Other" if it is cryptocurrency for MVP

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Cryptocurrency Amount: Will show the amount of cryptocurrency (not the dollar value, just like stocks)

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Cryptocurrency Ticker: Will show the ticker of the crypto (i.e. BTC, ETH, ZEC etc)

  • Donation Summary / Donation Info / Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate: Will show the rate in $USD at the time the cryptocurrency is converted to cash (NOT the time that it is donated)

  • Donation Summary / Donor Information / Donor Name

  • Donation Summary / Donor Information / Address Line 1

  • Donation Summary / Donor Information / City

  • Donation Summary / Donor Information / Zip

  • Donation Summary / Donor Information / Email

  • Donation Summary / Donor Information / Country

NB: Each donor will show as a new account for the MVP of the integration, to prevent/address duplicate you will need to do the following:

Preventing Duplicate Data

We are currently working to mitigate duplicated accounts by preloading via First name, Last name and Email fields (if those are submitted in The Giving Block widget i.e. not an anonymous donation) from the NeonCRM first before sending it.

To find out how to discover duplicates, convert and delete accounts, please refer to this article in the NeonCRM knowledge base

Notes for Developers:

Custom Fields

Donations currently use the tender type of "Other" combined with custom fields for donation objects as listed below.

All fields are created for Donation object. Custom field group is created first with following data:

  description: 'Cryptocurrency Info (if applicable)',
  displayName: 'Cryptocurrency',

Next step is to create custom fields themselves with following data:

Custom Field #1

 'Cryptocurrency Amount': {
    dataType: 'Float',
    displayType: 'OneLineText',

Custom Field #2

 'Cryptocurrency Amount (gross)': {
    dataType: 'Float',
    displayType: 'OneLineText',

Custom Field #3

 'Cryptocurrency Fee Amount': {
    dataType: 'Float',
    displayType: 'OneLineText',

Custom Field #4

 'Cryptocurrency Ticker': {
    dataType: 'Text',
    displayType: 'OneLineText',

Custom Field #5

 'Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate ($)': {
    dataType: 'Float',
    displayType: 'OneLineText',

Developer Notes on Data

Do you address any data synchronization occurrences, including the refresh interval and what data fields are UPDATED in NeonCRM?

We do not have any data synchronization intervals, we send and retrieve data once donation is made.

If you CREATE NeonCRM data, do you list specific data types in the documentation?

We do create data of Account, Donation and Payment data types.

If you RETRIEVE NeonCRM data, do you list specific data types in the documentation?

We do retrieve data of Account, Donation, Payment (and it's Tender types), Campaign, Country and StateProvince data types.

Do you list the specific fields that your integration SENDS to NeonCRM?

Account fields:


Donation fields:


...custom fields described above

Payment fields:


Do you list the specific fields that your integration RETRIEVES from NeonCRM?

For every data type we retrieve, we retrieve the whole object (all fields).

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