How to Donate using a Smart Contract and The Giving Block widget

  1. Pick a charity that matches your organization or project's mission. Reach out if you need help.

  2. Generate a unique wallet address for your project.

  3. Choose the currency you wish to donate (usually ETH in this case)

  4. Put in any amount for the pledge (don’t worry receipts will match the actual amount donated).

  5. Enter your donor information or choose to donate anonymously. In this case we strongly recommend entering donor info and using an email address associated with the projects URL to make it easier for charities to verify donations and thank you for your support.

  6. Make a test transaction if you like, you can use this to verify the address, and put a screenshot of the receipt up on your social media to show you mean business. It’s a great way to get some retweets from The Giving Block Team too!

  7. Once verified, add the address into the smart contract of your project. We’ve seen this done in a variety of ways depending on the use case. The most common ways so fare include automatically donating a % of transaction fees for token projects, or a % of each NFT when minted. You may want to do this every transaction, or batch them out at certain points to save on gas.

  8. Optional Bonus Points: Post the code for your smart contract up so your community can see how you are doing things

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